The Importance of Smog Checks

When most people hear the word “pollution,” they think of big city buses letting out clouds of black air, or third world countries where the sky is thick with dust. Few people understand that even normal cars can be the cause of a great deal of pollution in everyday life. Whenever you drive your car, there is a good chance it is letting out some degree of pollution. However, the amount of pollution depends on the condition of the car.

Car Health

A good way to understand pollution and smog check is by thinking of it as the healthiness of a car. When a car is healthy and well taken-care of, the release of pollution is much less. Naturally, on the other hand, an unhealthy car delivers a great deal of pollution to the air around us, the air we breathe in everyday.

How can the healthiness of a car be improved? One of the ways is by doing smog checks regularly. This is why smog checks are so important! Smog checks are like a doctor check up for your car. The technician tests your vehicle to determine how much pollution it is contributing to the air.

The emissions of a car are what combine to make pollution. Emissions are let out of all cars, but when the emissions are too high, it is time to bring your car in for a tune-up. It is hard for someone to be able to tell if their car emissions are too high on their own, which is why a Northridge smog check is so important.

Cops, however, are trained to look for an excess of emissions being let out from your vehicle. If this is the case, they can, and certainly will, pull you over. No one wants to be pulled over for something as easy to fix as this, so simply take your car in when you know it’s time!

How often?

Most people think that because they cannot see the emissions coming out of their car, then “no news is good news,” and they are in no need of a smog check. This is not always the case. Emissions are hard, if not impossible, for most people to spot. But they do have a large effect on the environment and will only get worse if the problem is not taken care of.

Sometimes the tests are annual, and sometimes they are biannual. It all depends on where you live, and the make and model of your car. Oftentimes, if a car is older than a certain year, it may be considered exempt from smog checks, and you are off the hook! This could be the one time that those of us with old cars are actually feeling good about ourselves.

To get an accurate answer on how often your car needs a smog check, simply go online to the DMV website and search smog check. This will show you a map, enabling you to click on your state and obtain the information you need! All in all, a smog check is not that painful, and in the end, it will save the air you breathe.