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Evaluating Smog Check Rumors

No one wants to fail a smog check test. The pain of going in once is enough, let alone having to repeat the test twice, simply for a small mistake. However, the fear of failing is always there. What if your car does not pass? What if it requires extra maintenance which means spending more money?

People have a lot of advice on how to pass a Palmdale smog check. Some of it is valid, and some is, well, not so valid. But it can be hard to determine what is a myth and what will actually help your car to pass. Let’s look at some of these common tips, and see how well they stand up on their own.

1) Fuel cleaners and Octane boosters are going to make me pass.

Some people think that because something contains the word ‘cleaner,’ it will automatically improve the health of their engine and help th...

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The Importance of Smog Checks

When most people hear the word “pollution,” they think of big city buses letting out clouds of black air, or third world countries where the sky is thick with dust. Few people understand that even normal cars can be the cause of a great deal of pollution in everyday life. Whenever you drive your car, there is a good chance it is letting out some degree of pollution. However, the amount of pollution depends on the condition of the car.

Car Health

A good way to understand pollution and smog check is by thinking of it as the healthiness of a car. When a car is healthy and well taken-care of, the release of pollution is much less. Naturally, on the other hand, an unhealthy car delivers a great deal of pollution to the air around us, the air we breathe in everyday.

How can the healthiness o...

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