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Is Your Timing Belt Trying to Tell you Something?

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There was a time when timing belts were found in all vehicles. The strong, ribbed belt was essential to making sure that both the cranks and the camshafts were properly timed. A damaged timing belt resulted in the upper and lower sections of your vehicle’s engine to fall out of synch with one another.

Which Cars Have Timing Belts

Car manufactures have been moving away from timing belts. Nearly all vehicles manufactured during or before the ‘90s had a timing belt. Audi is one company that still uses a traditional ribbed belt. Other manufacturers have replaced the rubber belt with a strong chain. The hope was that the chain would last throughout the vehicle’s life.

While the chain isn’t as likely to break the way traditional timing belts, things can still go wrong.

Knowing the early ...

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Listen to Your Car – Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light


While cars can’t speak to us, they do their best to tell us when something is wrong through the lights on the dashboard. Some vehicle owners may choose to ignore those signals when they come on, but it’s important to always listen to what your car is telling you.

For example, we often hear about the tire pressure light coming on at the start of winter. Your tires may have been checked not too long ago, however, freezing temps cause pressure fluctuation. A change in tire pressure is a natural reaction that can be monitored with routine checks. It may not be an emergency fix, but it’s good to stay on top of it.

Some choose to see the engine light turning on in the same way.

When the engine light comes on, you shouldn’t ignore it...

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Smelly Car Syndrome And How A Cooling System Flush Helps Your Car


When your car’s cabin starts to smell sweet or like something is burning when you run heating/cooling, that’s a sign that it’s time to get your coolant flushed. If you think you can just power through the smell to save money, you’re running the risk of your vehicle breaking down due to overheating. Coolant doesn’t just help adjust the temperature in your cabin—it also works to reduce heat levels in the engine and radiator. If that coolant is compromised by age, debris, or anything else that ensures it’s not working properly, then you’re risking some costly damage.

What causes coolant to get to the point where it stops working properly or causes an odor in your car cabin? It’s mostly due to the natural aging of the liquid and rust from the engine’s parts...

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