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Common Car Suspension Problems

Your car’s suspension system does more than simply provide you with a smooth ride. It is also responsible for making sure your car remains stable as you travel down the road. Many people don’t realize that by ignoring the early warning signs of a suspension problem, they are increasing the likelihood of them being involved in a serious accident.

Here are some common suspension problems you should be on the outlook for.

Poor Alignment

A surprising number of vehicles on the road today have alignment issues. The problem with alignment issues is that they usually start off small but gradually become more serious. Issues with your alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly, make it considerably more difficult to keep your car steady in its lane, and make sharp steering situations difficult.

It only takes a few minutes for a professional to both check your alignment and rebalance it. This is something you should have done each time you get your tires rotated.

Leaking Shocks

The shocks are the part of the suspension system most people are familiar with. The purpose of the shocks is to dampen the bumps of the road so that you can enjoy a smooth ride. When a shock is damaged, it will often leak fluid, which not only causes the shock to wear down quicker but also means your previous smooth ride is full of bumps and jolts. Not only does the leaking shock reduce the amount of enjoyment you get from your car, but if you ignore the problem for too long, it can put a great deal of strain on the remainder of your suspension system and your vehicle’s frame.

Broken Springs

The springs are the unsung heroes of your car’s suspension system. They don’t just absorb road trauma. They are also a crucial element when it comes to supporting your vehicle’s weight. The problem with the springs is that while they are heavy-duty, they aren’t designed to last forever. It’s not uncommon for the rest of your car to outlast your car. Signs of faulty springs include you having a difficult time controlling your car and a strange squeaking noise emanating from under your vehicle.

While suspension problems aren’t much fun, they are completely fixable. You’ll be pleased to know that since each component can be replaced individually the cost may not be as much as you feared. The other good news is that the sooner you get your vehicle in and have a suspected suspension problem repaired, the less damage your car will sustain.