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Is Your Timing Belt Trying to Tell you Something?

There was a time when timing belts were found in all vehicles. The strong, ribbed belt was essential to making sure that both the cranks and the camshafts were properly timed. A damaged timing belt resulted in the upper and lower sections of your vehicle’s engine to fall out of synch with one another.

Which Cars Have Timing Belts

Car manufactures have been moving away from timing belts. Nearly all vehicles manufactured during or before the ‘90s had a timing belt. Audi is one company that still uses a traditional ribbed belt. Other manufacturers have replaced the rubber belt with a strong chain. The hope was that the chain would last throughout the vehicle’s life.

While the chain isn’t as likely to break the way traditional timing belts, things can still go wrong.

Knowing the early warning signs that there’s something wrong with your timing belt/chain not only saves you from getting stranded on the side of the highway but also helps prevent extensive engine damage.

Signs Your Timing Belt Needs Some TLC

There are several signs your timing belt is in trouble.

Metal in Your Oil

The next time you have your oil changed, take a look at what your mechanic removes from your car. The oil should be free of debris. Tiny shards of metal indicate that it’s time to get your timing chain looked at.

Your Engine Sounds Sick

The sounds your engine makes are good indicators of its overall health. Your engine should purr. If your vehicle’s timing belt is starting to skip a gear, the engine’s timing starts to fail something you’ll hear while you’re behind the wheel. It will run rough and start misfiring. In most cases, the only reason the timing belt starts slipping is because the chain is wearing out. If you continue to drive, the day will come when the chain snaps.

When Your Idling, the Engine Runs Rough

The next time you’re waiting for a stoplight to change from red to green use the time to listen to your engine. The engine sounds you should hear are quiet and smooth. If it sounds like it’s rattling or the steering wheel starts shaking, it’s time to have your timing belt/chain out. The vibration is frequently caused by a loose timing belt.

Elite Car Care, Palmdale’s Best Car Repair Service Wants to Replace your Timing Chain or Timing Belt

If your car has developed any of these symptoms you need reliable Palmdale auto repair. We promise that you’ll enjoy working with Palmdale’s outstanding vehicle repair and bring it to Elite Car Care in Palmdale. Whether you’re dealing with a bad timing belt or a worn-out timing belt chain, we’re ready to repair the problem. While we’re working on your vehicle, we’ll treat it with as much care and respect as you do.

The next time you’re worried about your vehicle’s health, contact us. We’re ready and willing to take a look at it and repair any problems we find. We’re happy to provide Palmdale car repair services you can count on!