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What Should You Do If Your Car Breaks Down On The Highway?

Knowing how to handle a car breakdown is half the battle (the other half, getting your car fixed, comes later). Here we explain how to stay safe in 8 easy steps — especially when your car breaks down in a not-so-convenient location.

The first few minutes after a breakdown

Your first steps after a breakdown depend on where and when it happens. A quiet residential street is one thing — a busy highway during rush hour is quite another. But either way, your safety and the safety of your passengers always come first. These 8 steps can help:

1.) Turn on your hazard lights: This warns other drivers that something’s wrong. Keep your hazards on until the car’s safely towed.

2.) Pull over (if the car’s still moving):In an ideal situation, you’ll want to aim for the right shoulder of the road...

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Evaluating Smog Check Rumors

No one wants to fail a smog check test. The pain of going in once is enough, let alone having to repeat the test twice, simply for a small mistake. However, the fear of failing is always there. What if your car does not pass? What if it requires extra maintenance which means spending more money?

People have a lot of advice on how to pass a Palmdale smog check. Some of it is valid, and some is, well, not so valid. But it can be hard to determine what is a myth and what will actually help your car to pass. Let’s look at some of these common tips, and see how well they stand up on their own.

1) Fuel cleaners and Octane boosters are going to make me pass.

Some people think that because something contains the word ‘cleaner,’ it will automatically improve the health of their engine and help th...

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The Importance of Smog Checks

When most people hear the word “pollution,” they think of big city buses letting out clouds of black air, or third world countries where the sky is thick with dust. Few people understand that even normal cars can be the cause of a great deal of pollution in everyday life. Whenever you drive your car, there is a good chance it is letting out some degree of pollution. However, the amount of pollution depends on the condition of the car.

Car Health

A good way to understand pollution and smog check is by thinking of it as the healthiness of a car. When a car is healthy and well taken-care of, the release of pollution is much less. Naturally, on the other hand, an unhealthy car delivers a great deal of pollution to the air around us, the air we breathe in everyday.

How can the healthiness o...

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Palmdale Smog Check Locations | Smog Check Coupons

Palmdale’s FINEST Star Certified Smog Test Only Facility!

Expert smog tests… in a clean and comfortable environment. Don’t feel intimidated by that smog check. Our professional and experienced smog technician will explain the process step by step… eliminating the anxiety. We are the highest rated Eagle Rock Smog Check & Smog Test Only center on Yelp for a reason! Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews.

Click to Call 661-538-9135

Come in and get a Star Certified Test Only smog test in Palmdale, CA. We provide gross polluter certification, out of state smog checks, regular smog inspection as well as test only smog inspection.

  • Smog Testing in Palmdale, CA
  • Certified to smog diesel cars!
  • We offer an in-ground dynomometer for high-performance and low-profile vehicles.
  • Visa, Mast...
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Smog Check Stations in Palmdale & Lancaster



We are dedicated to helping you Pass your Smog Inspections!

We know how it is. You get your DMV registration notice and across the top it says “SMOG CHECK REQUIRED”. As if the registration wasn’t enough hassle, now you have to get a smog check.

At Palmdale Smog Check Star Test Only Station, we turn a bothersome chore into a pleasant experience. We’ll get you in and out fast, our store is super clean, the staff is helpful and courteous, and we have competitive prices. We are a STAR Certified station, so if you need a STAR inspection, come on down and get a great deal from our amazing team, we value your time and will make sure you leave happy and in a timely manner!


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How Much Does a Smog Test in Palmdale, CA Cost?


The average smog inspection price will vary shop to shop. It will normally range anywhere between $29.95 to $89.95 depending on the county you live in and the type of smog inspection your vehicle requires. This price may or may not include the State’s Certificate Fee of $8.25, which is charged only and if your vehicle passes the test. There may also be an EFT (Electronic Transmission) fee which a station owner may charge to make up for the toll cost they pay as the smog machine is transmitting your vehicle’s information via a dedicated phone line. This fee is usually between $1-$3, and is charged regardless of whether your vehicle passes or fails the smog inspection.

The State of California does not regulate the actual cost of the inspection because it is a privately owned industry, howev...

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Smog Check Frequently Asked Questions

Do Car Fuel Emissions Regulation Vary from State to State?

Car fuel emissions standards are established by the federal government and each state must adhere to them. However, the state of California, during 1967, established its own regulatory agency to fight against pollution generated by automobiles. The California Air Resources Board (CARB), along with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), work together to create and enforce emission regulations that vehicles driving within the United States must adhere to. Indeed, the state of California has always been on the forefront of automobile emissions standards, and they, along with 19 other states, have sued the federal government for the right to impose more stringent auto emission standards.

Where can I Look Up the Latest California Em...

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Changing a Knock Sensor to Pass a Car Emission Test

If you have discovered you need to replace your knock sensor to pass your car emission test, you need to have a pretty good working knowledge of how to work on cars to do this. Otherwise the money you think you might save doing it yourself may turn out to be a lot more than if you had just taken it into the mechanic.

It will cost you about $2,000 to have a mechanic do it and will probably cost a little over $300 to do it yourself, but it is going to take a lot of your personal time to get the job completed correctly. You need a code scanner, which will cost about $100 and then the knock sensor which should cost about $200.

Remove the manifold and radiator. First you need to take off the manifold, which will take about four hours to do...

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Having Older Cars Pass a Car Emissions Test

Palmdale Smog Check Star Station

Since it is vital that everyone help the environment in any way they can, it is important your car be able to pass its car emissions test. There are several different things you can do to help get your car to pass your emissions test, even if the vehicle is old. Consider the tips below so you can legally drive on the roads.

Schedule the Appointment Wisely
When you make an appointment for your emissions test, make it for a time when you know is going to be a nice day. The colder it is outside, the longer the tech will have to run your engine. Because of the coldness or dampness, the oil in the engine, the coolant, and the catalytic converter are going to need extra time to warm up. This will hurt your chances for passing.

Check the Battery
Make sure that your battery is in good working cond...

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How to Pass a Smog Test

palmdale smog

There are lots of reasons why your vehicle can fail a smog check. Follow these tips below to insure your vehicle passes the first time.

Make sure your vehicle is performing correctly before arriving at the smog check inspectionstation.
The chances of your vehicle passing a smog inspection are slim to none if your vehicle is not is good working order. If you do decide to have a smog inspection completed on a vehicle with known mechanical problems you will more than likely lose your inspection fee (unless you are in a state that requires free retests). Save yourself the trouble and get your vehicle repaired prior to having it tested. Also, keep in mind that if your check engine light is on then your vehicle will automatically fail...

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